Nordic Tug 37 2007 SOLD


picture taken in december 2013

I spent most of the last 20 years on the water, in many boats. I present here some key informations about what I think is required / important to cruise Europe. These apply to any trawler cruising Europe. You made it here because you are interested in trawlers… so keep reading    :) * Vlimeux is in Sardigna (dec 2013) and can be delivered.

All systems onboard Vlimeux are of the highest quality, available and serviceable in Europe with expertise and parts if you ever need : CUMMINS, ISOTHERM, VICTRON ENERGY, LEWMAR, NORTHERN LIGHT, FORCE 10.

Built for the sea and adapted for canals.

Do not forget:  there are canals and rivers and oceans to visit so your trawler must go under bridges, be seaworthy, economical and powerful at the same time.  This Nordic Tug 37 is CE certified Class B. This is force 8 wind and 4 meters waves. I am insured all mediterranean! Also the manufacturer produced this NT37 with a lower chimney so it clears most of the canals (lower than 3m45). Present owner (me) cruised England, English Channel, French canals and is presently in Sardigna. You have such a great canal system in Europe! Very few boats are this flexible, comfortable and safe. This was among the best adventure I had in my life. Do not buy a trawler that can not go in the canals, please! From Le Havre to Le-Grau-du-Roi Vlimeux had few times only one inch clearance under the bridge. To « idle » the canals you need a diesel with « common rails ». Older boat do not have « common rail » diesel so can not idle too long without « glazing diesel ». This tug has a Cummins Diesel, 5.9l, 380 hp low maintenance single engine that provides good safety margin in these demanding conditions.


Clean, documented, perfect (dec 2013)


this is like new (dec 2013)

Very economical to operate.

  • From England to the Mediterranean: 1000 litres, one year.
  • My Nordic Tug 37 cruised the canals at 3.5 litres per hour, 7 knots at 5.3 litres per hour or achieve 17 knots to get away from bad weather or cope with current in rivers in Europe.  These are real numbers that you can check yourself.
  • All systems onboard Vlimeux are of the highest quality, available and serviceable in Europe with expertise and parts if you ever need : CUMMINS, ISOTHERM, VICTRON ENERGY, LEWMAR, NORTHERN LIGHT, FORCE 10.
  • Hull is FULL fiberglass / not sandwish construction – hull of Vlimeux is that good that it is warrantied by Nordic Tug company until 2017. Have you ever had infiltration in the core of a sandwich hull… this is bad… and it can happen…but not to Vlimeux’s hull! Other real life info: when in port we, fiberglass boats owners, chat and relax while steel boats owners are busy maintaining.
  • There is a full keel so they do not go sideways when windy (ex: canal bridge with inches each side…) and it protects the propeller and rudder as well. This alone will save you lots of trouble one day.

The tool for adventures

When you travel, I mean move, make distance, go places, you pilot your trawler for hours. Ergonomics, weather, traffic, navigation affect your fatigue, your pleasure and your safety. You absolutely need to see what is going on the water, at all time. You need to have constant access to informations regarding engine, waypoints, shoals, markers. To do so, your station has to be high enough above the bow of your boat. Most boats do have an inside steering station too low to see and use safely.  You need a steering station where you see AND are protected. Ask those who travelled.


from where you go places



This Nordic Tug 37 was built in USA for Europe and presented at England’s Southampton boat show.

The Nordic Tug Company, recognized in America as the highest quality trawler manufacturer, introduced in 2007 their successful brand in Europe at the Southampton boat show with this Euro Spec, Canals compliant, NT37 – Vlimeux. As so Vlimeux includes several ten of thousands dollars in options. She is CE certified class B with 240 volts / 12 volts systems

Save $€ on Nordic Tug 37 Vlimeux

Her asking price is comparable to a US based 2007 Nordic Tug 37 even if transport and TVA (YES, TVA is paid on Vlimeux) added substantially to her cost / that is 20% of paid price. With only 575 engine hours she is virtually new. Live with style with what is considered the best american trawler available:






Vlimeux cuisine-1

teak floor (boat show option) in excellent condition



nice living area


Vlimeux is now in Olbia, Sardigna (Italia), at the very good MOYS marina (

  • There is an international airport in Olbia, see for flight info. There are Easy Jets flight available….   :) .
  • The MOYS marina employees can pick you up at the airport to bring you to Vlimeux.

I am there presently (december 2013 / january 2014)  for sea trial.

For full listing , more info, offers, please contact : Whyboats

You may also read an article I wrote about : What’s involved in cruising Europe with a NT37

Thank you for looking,


Vlimeux et Razzoli

Razzoli in the La Maddalena archipel


Girolata, Corsica


Lyon, Le Rhône, France


La Seine. I love this picture. Do you? Razzoli-11

Entre la Corse et la Sardaigne

Vlimeux, Italie décembre 2013

Quitté Marseille

Leaving Marseille


Corsica first sight after a night crossing – just wow!


Port Camargue, French south coast, Mediterranean


Going down (south) on the Rhône (good wineries!!!)


winter time in Montargis (canal Briare) , France


somewhere in France


Vernon, France

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