La saison morte d’un coin perdu

Girolata-1corse-4-1C’est un pays comme le Québec, quelques villes perdues en nature,  la résistance du peuple à l’envahissement, des paysages apportant perspective et incitant au recul.

Ici c’est la lumière de notre automne avec l’ocre qui remplace le rouge et l’orange.

et la Méditerranée notre neige….


4 Responses to "La saison morte d’un coin perdu"

  1. Matt Norris  29 décembre 2013 at 22:26

    Hi Marc – great site! Are you continuing to cruise while Vlimeux is for sale?
    If so, do you take passengers from time to time? I just sold my 32′ Nordic Tug because I am spending more time in Europe and want to get into boating in the Med. We have a flat on the Danube in Budapest, so spend quite a bit of time on that river, as well as a few trips to the Croatian coast.
    I wonder if there are other people interested in a boat sharing scenario?
    All the best,
    Matt Norris
    Canoe Pass Village
    Ladner, BC

  2. Marc Pilon  30 décembre 2013 at 03:39

    Hi Matt,

    Thank you for your comments.
    I experienced a little bit of the same problem than you – just flip it upside down. I have a wife, a kid , dog, bungalow, etc in Québec and they think I spend too much time on my boat… and they can not come.
    Some people on Nordic Tug Facebook site inquired about the same possibility : time share, passengers…

    I will let them know about our discussion / thread.
    We will see if something comes out of this.

    Meanwhile I spend time here in Sardegna but I think I should go back for a while…

    I am open to ideas about Vlimeux ‘s projets.


  3. Marc Pilon  30 décembre 2013 at 03:59

    This cruising ground offers so much, we all should share a fleet of Nordic Tug!

  4. Matt Norris  9 janvier 2014 at 00:58

    Thank you for the reply Marc – just saw it now. I have read many blogs about cruising the canals and the Med. Being able to visit so many cultures within a short sail is pretty unique.
    I think you are offering a great boat at a very reasonable price – good luck!


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